Cradle Support Systems

The problem

Where RAAC planks have been used for flat roofing, problems can arise as the planks start to deflect over time. This deflection can allow rainwater to pond on the roof, which in turn, can exacerbate the stresses on the roof structure already caused by the deflection.

ponding water on deflected raac roof plank Ponding Water on Deflected RAAC Roof Plank

The solution

By avoiding the need to re-roof, with all the associated disruption and cost this may cause, the cradle support system offers a permanent solution in a more straight forward and cost-effective way than any of the alternatives previously available.

Lattice Beams Supporting Deflected RAAC Roof Plank

Lattice Beam Cradle Support System

Our unique cradle support system can be used to save flat roofs that are nearing the end of their functional life.

We offer a simple solution to any Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) plank roof where deflection is leading to long-term structural damage to the roof. In this system a grid of lattice beams are fixed below the existing roof and a precise air lifting system (PALS) is inflated to correct deflection. Once the deflection has been corrected the void between roof plank and steel beam is filled with high density, non shrink grout to take the load.

This results in up to 50% lower costs than a new roof and allows weekend and/or night working, minimising disruption.