Composite Lattice Beams

The Composite lattice beam is designed specifically for composite floor construction where longer column free spans are required.

Lighter than alternative long span hot rolled steel beams the Composite lattice beam with it's unique cold rolled top chord member with integral off-site pre welded shear connector plates eliminate hot works created by on site stud welding.

The standard lattice beam open web configuration provides unprecedented flexibility for the routing of M&E services. This includes the ability to cross over services within the depth of the lattice beam, which can be more difficult to achieve with cellular steel beams. Bespoke oversized rectangular openings can be designed, if required, to offer even more flexibility, maintaining minimum floor zones to maximise floor to ceiling heights or reduce the overall height of the building.

Taking advantage of new manufacturing processes for trapezoidal metal decking, that enable a crushed end to be formed during the roll forming process, this innovative feature eliminates the need for end caps to be installed on site. This benefit in conjunction with the increased spanning capability of modern decks and lower concrete usage all add up to a value engineered solution with significant cost and programme.

Lattice Beam Composite Floor System
  • Innovation

    Long clear column free spans can be achieved with the lightweight lattice design to offer clients present and future layout flexibility. Factory fitted shear connector plates eliminate the need to stud weld on site and guarantees composite action.

    Standard open web design allows for the easy passage of services with larger bespoke openings available on request.

    Single span metal deck with the option of crushed ends formed during the roll forming process eliminates the need to fit end caps on site and gives improved composite action.

  • Productivity

    Bespoke precision engineered off-site manufacture of intumescent painted beams available within 4-5 weeks from order.

  • One Hour Fire Rating

    Our composite beams have been analysed using Vulcan software from FEDRA and a full fire test has been carried out at Warrington fire in accordance with BS476-21:1987 to achieve a one hour fire certification. The beams have off-site applied intumescent fire protection as required.

  • Quality, Performance and Predictability

    Purpose designed lattice beams with quality controlled factory applied intumescent fire protection eliminating web buckling issues. Pre welded shear connector plates offer a guaranteed composite action which is further improved when using crushed ends on single span decking.

  • Cost Reductions

    By designing a lighter composite beam and utilising the improved single spanning capability of modern 60mm and 80mm decking profiles with crushed ends, a value engineered solution can be achieved. Additional savings can be gained in other areas from potential programme savings within the M & E package, and the installed cost savings achieved through removing on site stud welding. Main contractors also have the option to package beams and decking together to improve coordination and offer single contractual responsibility.

  • Enhanced Health and Safety

    Lighter beams with pre-welded shear connector plates guaranteeing the composite action, eliminates the need to stud weld on site, removing all hot works. Lighter and easy to handle, single span decking with crushed ends eliminate the need to cut and fix end caps on site. Removal of stud welding from site also avoids the need to site test stud weld performance, saving time and allowing concrete pours to progress safely shortly after the deck has been installed.

  • M & E flexibility

    Like all of our beams, joists and trusses, the new composite beam is purpose-designed to suit customer requirements. Whilst the standard open web configuration provides unprecedented flexibility for the routing of M & E services, including the ability to cross over services within the depth of the beam, bespoke, over sized, rectangular openings can be designed to offer even more flexibility, maintaining minimum floor zones to maximise floor to ceiling heights, or reduce the overall height of the building.

  • Programme Savings

    Lightweight and easy to handle with simple site connections the composite beams can improve the speed of erection over hot rolled alternatives. Steel floor decking with factory crushed ends speeds up the installation of single span decking and unlike stud welded decking it is not affected by the weather.

  • Sustainability

    Up to 10% lighter than cellular or castellated alternatives, our lattice composite beam uses less steel in manufacture and, taking weight out of the structure as a whole, will significantly contribute towards reducing the building’s overall carbon footprint. Steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials with a potential recovery and re-use factor of up to 94%*.