Ceilings & Service Support Systems

Our parallel steel beams are the ideal solution for the support of ceiling structures within existing buildings. Whether the ceiling is a simple suspension from a secondary grid of C-sections or is ‘walk-on’ and supported from the bottom chord of the lattice beam, we have a range of solutions.

Lattice beams are ideal for clean rooms, data halls, telecommunications facilities, retail units and secure locations where long, unobstructed spans are essential and where their light weight can minimise the load on to the existing structure.

They can also allow the passage of services through the lattice beams web without any loss of head room or need for exposed pipework which can form a potential dust trap.

Our lattice beam primary members together with Z or C-section secondary members provide a cost effective solution to ceiling/service support requirements.

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Ceilings & Service Support Beams

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Suspended Ceilings
Walk-On Ceilings
Service Support/Pipebridge
  • Suspended Ceilings

    Lattice Beams Suspended Ceiling

    Parallel Lattice Beam

    Long span steel beam used with secondary C-sections to support a suspended ceiling.

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  • Walk-On Ceiling Systems

    Walk-On Ceiling Systems

    Our lattice beams are frequently used to create a support structure for walk-on ceilings in which an interlocking system of steel faced planks is used to create a load bearing ceiling construction. These ceiling support systems are particularly popular in the creation of “clean rooms” and “data centres” where sealing the joints of these planks creates a closed ceiling void in which the high level mechanical and electrical services can be installed without the need for secondary floors or complex support systems.

    The lattice steel beams provide an excellent solution to the location of services and are specifically designed to allow maintenance engineers to walk on top of the ceiling support system. This facilitates the easy access to services and components without the need for the access equipment normally associated with more basic ceiling installations.

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  • Service Support/Pipebridge

    Lattice Beam Pipe Bridge

    We provide an economic system to form pipebridge and service supports. Lightweight lattice steel beams are provided in pairs and braced together to form spans of up to 40m. The majority of pipebridges are supplied with a galvanised finish for external applications. However, various paint specifications are also available where required.

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